Inka's new book is out!
Date: Monday, December 12 @ 06:14:46 CST
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GLOBAL traveler, author and Voices guest columnist, Inka Piegsa-Quischotte, has just published her latest book - which mixes the loves of her favourite city with literature, history and travel all in one.

The ex-attorney turned travel writer and novelist, who writes for online travel magazines, and shares her time between Turkey and Miami, has recently brought out her new book - Istanbul, City of the Green-eyed Beauty

Having happened upon the books of Pierre Loti, Barbara Nadel and Orhan Pamuk, she was hooked on their literary perceptions and descriptions of extraordinary, often off beat places of the cosmopolitan city and so decided to follow their footsteps.

And so was born her new title – a retread of locations which have a literary link to all three authors and a reference to ‘Aziyade’ by Pierre Loti.

While one author, Loti, has permanently shuffled off this ‘mortal coil’; Pamuk remains tantalizingly out of touch and contact – despite the renowned Piegsa-Quischotte true grit to interview him; the enthralling Nadel has happily responded and been sourced for Inka’s new book.

She said that combining her love of travel, with her passion of writing, while basing her latest novel in her favourite city of Istanbul, was a dream come true.

"All the factors dropped into place so quickly and as a global nomad of literature it was fascinating to retread the real lives of imagined characters from the minds of authors," she said.

Her sojourns are chronicled on her own website - while her new novel is available from

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